charred corn salad

charred corn salad finished

I have an unnatural obsession with corn. Whether it’s popped, on the cob, creamed or roasted, I love it in all its forms. Kyle has stopped asking for my input for recipes because anytime we do a casserole or a dish that needs a little something extra, I suggest adding corn.

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charred corn salad charred    charred corn salad18

Partially, because I think it is delicious. Partially, because of the low-brow bathroom humor/comments that come from it. But, most importantly because of the following clip from my favorite TV show, 30 Rock.

I literally say “CORN” like that all the time. It never gets old. So, I can’t wait to bring this light and refreshing salad to a summer potluck or barbecue and encourage everyone to try the charred CORN salad.

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