chicken tikka masala

chicken tikka masala14

Ethnic food can be very intimidating. Not even just to cook, but sometimes even to eat. No one wants to be in the middle of a job interview, first date or the produce section when a case of the ‘both ends’ hits you. A majority of these horrifically embarrassing incidents are too often accredited to Indian dishes. This is why we have danced around the realm of Indian cooking so long and are just now gingerly sticking our toes in the ethnic pool with this chicken tikka masala.

chicken tikka masala01    chicken tikka masala06

chicken tikka masala03    chicken tikka masala09

Right about the time we were gloating around the kitchen and trying to out-smug each other for knocking it out of the park with an authentic Indian meal, one of our friends mentioned the fact that it’s not confirmed that chicken tikka masala is actually Indian. We were then faced with a tough decision: throw a hot broiler pan in his direction, or Google it. Unfortunately Google won, and claims it to be most likely a British dish.

chicken tikka masala12    chicken tikka masala13

chicken tikka masala02    chicken tikka masala11

Screw it. We’re still taking this one.

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