coconut chicken with mango curry sauce

Coconut Chicken w: Mango Curry Sauce5

When I think about coconuts, I think about how awesome I would look in one of those hula girl coconut bras. But, then I come down from that Hawaiian Punch cloud, and realize that I HATE coconut in all its forms. I can’t even eat German chocolate cake or piña coladas. It’s a real tragedy. The 5k is next week.

Coconut Chicken w: Mango Curry Sauce1    Coconut Chicken w: Mango Curry Sauce2

Coconut Chicken w: Mango Curry Sauce3    Coconut Chicken w: Mango Curry Sauce4

Then as I was in the middle of lying to Kyle and telling him that I was allergic to coconut, he open-hand slapped me and told me to try this fried concoction. With my coconut prejudice in full force, I was weary to try the dish. But, my face hurt and the mango curry sauce sounded interesting enough to not risk another bitch slap. Now, I want to cover everything in coconut and fry it.


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