herb crusted pork tenderloin + port cranberry pan sauce

pork tenderloin finished

Not only is pork tenderloin delicious, it doubles as an incredibly effective prop for making inappropriate phallic gestures around one’s kitchen. Seriously, look at this cut of meat and try NOT to giggle. Anyway, if you combine that with a magnum of cabernet, this recipe might take you a while to finish.

pork tenderloin ingredients    pork tenderloin herbs

pork tenderloin seared    pork tenderloin cut

While it’s hard to compete with the prepackaged, salt-soaked and marinated loins at your local grocery store, this one actually does. This recipe will leave you feeling smug about your kitchen accomplishments and not bloated from all the sodium. Delicious food and no Hilary Clinton cankles? We call that a definite win.

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