tomatillo cream chicken enchiladas

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Living in Texas, we have access to incredible, authentic Mexican food on just about every corner. Well, except that corner on Cedar Springs where the Bon Jovi tranny sings on weekends… But we’ll take a drag queen over a chalupa any day.

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Our weekends start almost exactly like those on Friday Night Lights, a bunch of guys huddled closely, telling secrets, and wearing really tight pants. Only, instead of a football on a grassy field, we are gathered around a round of margaritas on a patio. While we judge the quality of any Mexican restaurant more on the drinks than the flavor of their tacos, we can still recognize a great south of the border dish when we taste one.

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And this is a GREAT south of the border dish. Together the traditional sour cream and verde sauces of our chicken enchiladas are married poetically to create a decadent sauce that will kick you right in the taco. In a good way.

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