dan’s ‘honey boo boo’ gai pan

honey boo boo gai pan finished

Our friend Dan recently uprooted his comfortable life and moved to New York City. He finally decided to pursue his big dream of being a broadway star got a promotion. You have to admit it sounds better the other way, and is much gayer. 

honey boo boo gai pan ingredients    honey boo boo gai pan chopping

honey boo boo gai pan text     honey boo boo gai pan sauce

While a new life in New York is fun and exciting, Dan left behind a busy, fun social circle of Atlanta queens. He found himself kind of alone in his self-created world of reality TV and cooking for one. He was 7 cats away from being a sad, gay spinster.

honey boo boo gai pan sauce pour     honey boo boo gai pan vegetables

He decided to meld his social frustration, skill in the kitchen, and odd fandom of Southern Bell Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ into a submission to queer in the kitchen. Side note: we doubled the recipe to serve two, because cooking for one, like owning 7 cats, is just sad.

We are guessing this is healthy, or fairly healthy. We’ve known Dan for a while, and from walking the sandy, drunken beaches of Pensacola, FL to scissor-kicks on the stage at Halloween New Orleans, Dan knows how to werq without a shirt.

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