fried tomato BLT sandwiches


We love bacon. If you don’t, we can’t take you seriously as a person. It’s like people that don’t have a Facebook account. They can’t be trusted.

BLT's01    BLT's02

BLT's03    BLT's04

Like our big boy grilled cheese sandwiches, we have taken this classic sandwich and kicked it up a notch. And by ‘kicked it up a notch’ we mean we fried things.

BLT's05    BLT's07

BLT's08    BLT's11

Despite having never seen Fried Green tomatoes, John was dead set on making them for these sandwiches. We had looked at the grocery for green tomatoes, but like the time we looked at four different stores for rhubarb, we came home with nothing… and a lot of wine.


Red, green or otherwise, the fried tomatoes along with the toast and crispy bacon, make this sandwich an explosion of crumbs and crunch. Also, the basil lemon mayo is amazing. We almost made it’s own post to serve as dip.

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