protein pancakes

Protein Pancakes finished

When you love food like we do, being on a high-protein, low fat/calorie diet is the worst. We’re not even just talking about the gas. While, yes, that is bad, getting one’s protein becomes a constant task of dressing up assorted white meats in a different, bland outfit every other meal. Thankfully, we decided to try our hand at incorporating protein into a variety of different dishes.

Protein Pancakes ingredients   Protein Pancakes pouring    Protein Pancakes Flip

Unlike some protein muffins we made that could double as a baseballs, these pancakes knocked it out of the park. Sports puns… what?! They remain fluffy, delicious, and we manage to sneak some protein into them. So, unless you douse them with maple syrup like an xxx-rated pankkake, they are relatively healthy.

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