spicy thai chicken pasta

spicy thai chicken pasta finished

Guess what? Here’s yet ANOTHER Asian dish, that our resident Asian had ZERO to do with. That being said, this dish is far from the “authentic Thai” cuisine column. The mere fact that we suggested that you could substitute spaghetti at one point in the recipe should’ve been a dead giveaway. Seconded by the fact that it would subbing in for soba noodles, which are Japanese…

Potato, pototto. We do what we want!

spicy thai chicken pasta ingredients    spicy thai chicken pasta chicken

spicy thai chicken pasta vegetables    spicy thai chicken pasta sauce

While this dish may not have been born in a palatial land among Buddhists straddling elephants (but instead was the result of two hungry, drunken homos who were too toasted to drive to get Thai… meaning us) it still has a hefty dose of all the flavors we consistently, drunkenly crave from the “Land of Smiles”. Really, that’s what their slogan is, we couldn’t make this shit up.

spicy thai chicken pasta noodles     spicy thai chicken pasta noodle toss

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