bacon maple cupcakes

bacon maple cupcakes finished

We regret that we haven’t been posting as regularly lately. We’ve been really busy and that makes us lazy… VERY lazy. This recipe is clear proof of that.  Here we are at the downward slope of summer where the biggest, most-shirtless end-of-summer pool parties will be thrown, and we have lazily been gorging on all kinds of fat-girl foods. Like the season, our moobs (man boobs) are also on a downward slope.

bacon maple cupcakes ingredients    bacon maple cupcakes bacon

bacon maple cupcakes batter    bacon maple cupcakes scooping

Now that we have doubled the size of our butts, we decided to not half-ass this recipe. We committed to really indulge in one of our favorite pastimes: bacon. The crispy, crunchy, heart-stoppingly delicious bacon actually goes very well with these chocolatey cakes and kick-ass frosting with a hint of maple. These basically qualify as a breakfast food.

bacon maple cupcakes finished 2

In the fall, our favorite cooking season, we’ll try to be more diligent in posting. You can keep up with our dining out, cooking, and other random stuff we do through our* recently launched Instagram.

*Kyle would like it noted for the record that John does most of the Instagram updates. So, any wigs, choreography or questionable photos posted are not his and he’s sorry.

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