goat cheese + salami pesto puffs

apps finished2

We love us some puffs. Cream puffs, puff sleeves, puffy eyes from crying to Steel Magnolias… So incorporating fatty meats and rich creamy dairy into a puff pastry obviously speaks to us.

Salami & Goat Cheese Pesto Puffs1    Salami & Goat Cheese Pesto Puffs2

Salami & Goat Cheese Pesto Puffs3    Salami & Goat Cheese Pesto Puffs4

We made these for Kyle’s younger sister’s “Welcome to Dallas/Goodbye to Little House on the Missouri Prairie” party. These and a few other hors d’oeuvres that we’ll be posting soon. The shindig was mostly attended by our ‘mo friends who notoriously steer clear of carbs, dairy, and anything that requires hours of self-loathing gym therapy to rid themselves of… However, not a single puff was left… other than our friends.

Salami & Goat Cheese Pesto Puffs5

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