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John has a long, sordid history with flipping. Flipping desserts that is. Our group of friends will never forget the sweet potato spice cake he tried to replicate from O Magazine. What had happened was… instead of picturesque slices of sweet potatoes (in concentric circles, mind you) drizzled with a glimmering, sweet glaze, John plopped something out of the pan that resembled an undercooked meatloaf. This happened two more times. Same recipe. Same result.

Apple Tart Tartin1    Apple Tart Tartin2

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While the “meatloaf cake” will never be forgotten,  and almost spawned a new segment: “John’s Dessert Disasters”, it did inspire an effort to redeem himself. John had the brilliant idea to concoct little apple tarts that you flip out of a muffin pan.

Result: just smaller undercooked meatloaf looking blobs.

Apple Tart Tartin5    Apple Tart Tartin7

Apple Tart Tartin9    apple tarte tatin1

Luckily, this latest failure led to this recipe: a lighthearted take on classic tarte tatin. It is delicious and incorporates nice apple, caramel, and salty flavors that will make that chubby little person inside you want to do a cartwheel! Or at least a “hallelujah hand”. Hardcore fans of apple pie and even those opposed find common ground with this delicious dessert. Also, ‘tarte tatin’ is WAY more fun to say than ‘apple pie.’ 

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