butternut squash + apple bisque

Butternut Squash Soup14

Up until very recently, I wasn’t entirely sure butternut squash even was. I definitely couldn’t have picked one out of a vegetable lineup. Actually, I’m still not sure if it is any different from the decorative gourds that we see scattered all over every white person’s porch this time of year.

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Anyway, like it says in the Bible, “all good things begin with bacon.” I think that was most likely in the New Testament. This bisque falls headfirst into that category. Between caramelizing the ingredients in bacon fat, and ending the process with a topping of crispy, crumbled slivers of said bacon, this is not the butternut squash soup you’ve had in the past.

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This recipe is the perfect kickoff to any holiday meal. Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Arbor Day, National Hot Dog Day… You get the idea. Don’t let the daunting task of peeling and chopping a squash deter you from tackling this recipe. It’s worth every bit of work that goes into it just like any noteworthy accomplishment. Such as joining the mile-high club for instance. Those lavatories are like, really small.

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