cheesy leeks

Cheesy Leeks Finished

Now, the English aren’t known for fine cuisine, Thanksgiving, OR good teeth… But this dish sounded too interesting not to try. And we’re glad we did. 

Cheesy Leeks Ingredients    Cheesy Leeks Cutting Leeks

Cheesy Leeks Butter    Cheesy Leeks Saute Leeks

At your Thanksgiving gathering this year make this and give the English a little nod… instead of the flip of the double-bird the first Pilgrims gave the mother country as the Mayflower departed for America.

Cheesy Leeks Cheese    Cheesy Leeks Dish

Also, this is a great dish to have around family and loved ones that you’re super comfortable with. The cheese and leeks come together beautifully in this recipe, however, the dungeon-butt breath that ensues is not one that will likely lead to romance.

I’ll say it again. THIS IS NOT A DATE-NIGHT RECIPE. But should be effective in keeping drunk Aunt Mildred out of your business.

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