shrimp kabobs


This month, we are embracing summer with our first grilling series. This is the first of three different kabob recipes that will spice up any (non-Jewish) pool party!

Kabobs03    Kabobs04

Kabobs15    Kabobs20

John has always had a soft spot for shrimp, and also one on the top of his head, and is no stranger to a shellfish coma. Once while thoroughly wedding drunk*, John parked himself at a self-serve shrimp cocktail until his fingertips wrinkled. Guests could clearly see everywhere he’d been by the trail of tails he left all over Embassy Suites Conference Room C. In his defense, this was probably his way of ensuring he could find his way back from the bathroom.

This delicious recipe of bottom-feeders fared about as well as those crustaceans he massacred at that wedding. They are easy enough to throw together for an impromptu appetizer or hearty enough to serve as a main course.

*wed·ding drunk /wediNG drəNGk/ : adj. So drunk you’ve spilled 48% of your drinks on your suit, but sober enough to do 74% of the moves from ‘Single Ladies.’

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