steak kabobs


We continue our June grilling series with these juicy and delicious steak kabobs. No red-blooded man, gay, straight, or questioning can deny the summery goodness of meat on a stick.

Now, we could bore you with joke after tasteless joke about meat and sticks, but we are better than that can’t think of any really good ones we haven’t already used. So, we are just going to let this recipe speak for herself.

Kabobs02    Kabobs05

Kabobs06    Kabobs12

While steak is a universal palate pleaser, it can also be somewhat intimidating to prepare correctly. There’s nothing worse than wasting an expensive cut of meat… Like when you accidentally pass out on a Vegas gigolo. Between the marinade used here and our fool-proof “kabob” cooking method, you really can’t f%*# this up. Unlike that time you blacked out during those 30-minutes you pre-paid for with “Willie Honkermuffin” on the 23rd floor room at Planet Hollywood.

Most. Expensive. Nap. EVER.

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