weeknight protein bowls

Weeknight protein bowls plated

Whether it is maintaining a perfect pedicure, finding just the right length of short shorts, or meticulously organizing a library of Golden Girls GIFs for texting, being gay can be SO much work. You add in social pressures to stay fit and it can get overwhelming. Diet is an important, but only small piece of this bedazzled puzzle.

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In a (sometimes futile) attempt to stay lean and ripped, and also get massively huge, you have to find the right balance of health and taste. I mean, we want our cake and to eat it too. Oh, God, we’d drop kick a puppy for some cake right now! Anyway, this tricky combination can be a Catch-22, due to so many of the delicious flavors we love adding a ton of the spare-tire contributing calories we don’t.

Weeknight protein bowls sausage    Weeknight protein bowls potatoes

Weeknight protein bowls egg    Weeknight protein bowls yolk

This easy, weeknight dish manages to achieve all the necessities of a healthy, muscle-building meal: Simple and fast to prepare, full of protein and good carbs and fats, and pairs beautifully with a 32 ounce Chardonnay.

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