broccoli cheddar cornbread

broccoli cheddar cornbread finished 2

We’re back! After a summer full of vacations, lean and bland food, and the kickoff of John’s transitional hormone treatments, we are finally back in the kitchen. Due to the fact that the foods that excite us most usually include some sort of bacon/cheese/carbohydrate combo, we haven’t really cooked anything “blog-worthy” over the last couple of months. But pool season is behind us, bitches! (PS – we are toying with ending every sentence with “bitches”).

broccoli cheddar cornbread ingredients    broccoli cheddar cornbread eggs

broccoli cheddar cornbread whisking    broccoli cheddar cornbread blanching

Some of the best mistakes recipes (and hook-ups, actually) we’ve made have been the result of inadequate ingredients, too much tequila, and being just far enough away from a KFC. This is one of those concoctions. We love cornbread, and we love broccoli and cheese, so we thought, “why the hell not?!”

This also may be just the way to get those picky little offspring of yours to finally eat a green veggie. For those that this applies to, feel free to add a healthy dose of Benadryl into the batter as well.

Two birds, one cornbread, bitches.

broccoli cheddar cornbread straining    broccoli cheddar cornbread mixing

broccoli cheddar cornbread dish    broccoli cheddar cornbread finished

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