nutty + fruity energy bars

seedy cherry bars finished

We have taken (another) small sabbatical from posting, but now we are back (again) with a few new recipes. To make up for our inherent laziness time away, we are doubling down with a fruit and nut bar recipe we found in bon appétit and also an experiment of our very own.

Seedy cherry quinoa bars ingredients    Seedy cherry quinoa bars roasting

Seedy cherry quinoa bars syrup    Seedy cherry quinoa bars combining

If you’re anything like us, January begins the season for good intentions and unattainable goal setting. Such as, “I’m going to try to be nicer to old people this year”, or “I’ll stop lying to code compliance about how many cats I actually have”. Or maybe you just do run-of-the-mill resolutions such as healthier living and eating. To each their own.

For anyone trying to increase one’s intake of prunes, almonds and things of the like, these recipes are for you. After trying out one of the recipes bon appétit published, we got brave and tested out some of our own concoctions. One of which you’ll see below, we’ll give you a peek at the other two next week.

Seedy cherry quinoa bars mixed    Seedy cherry quinoa bars pressing

These are delicious, filling, and guilt-free snacks that are great between meals, before/after a workout, or whenever, because you’re a grown-ass person and you get to do what you want! This can be replicated with almost any combination of nuts and dried fruits. Get crazy. Also, please share any successful variations you come up with and be sure to scroll down for our additional recipe.

nutty fig bars finished

This is OUR version. We used the formula provided from the original recipe. It’s about 1 cup of dried fruit, 2 tablespoons of a binding oil/syrup, 2 tablespoons of water all pureed together and whatever the f**k you want as far as about 2 cups of dried ingredients. Hershey’s kisses would be DELICIOUS.

Nutty fig bars ingredients    Nutty fig bars processor

Nutty fig bars mixture    Nutty fig bars coconut

We loved both versions of this fun, versatile recipe. We will post two more of our own takes on this recipe soon. Stay tuned.

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