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So, this Sunday is the big game! Unfortunately, outside of tear-jerking commercials and the occasional Janet Jackson nip, this means usually less than nothing to us. I mean, what is a Seahawk? Are they delicious when deep fried? Can you domesticate a teacup seahawk and carry it around Trader Joes in a unisex handbag? Sadly no. One can dream though.

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The masculine aggression and matching tights should be right up our alley, but we are more pumped about Katy Perry at halftime and any excuse to get friends together and impress them with our unhealthy concoctions and imminent indigestion.

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By this time of they year, most are DESPERATE to hopelessly abandon those resolutions that were made three LONG ass weeks ago. And what better vehicle for this than the Super Bowl? It’s a day designed for beer, fried chicken wings, and copious amounts of cheese, and this dish serves up plenty of the latter.

With only a little prep, it comes together really quickly, but tastes like you’ve been slaving in the kitchen all morning long. Those drunk assholes may not notice or give you the standing ovation you are craving, but rest assured, later, when they are experiencing the true meaning of “the struggle is real” and you hear the moans from down the hall, you’ll get your accolades.

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