jay’s brisket chili

Brisket Chili11

Whether it is at the gym, in between jell-o shots at Sunday Funday, or one of the parties he hosts solely as an excuse to make this chili, our friend, Jay, has been telling us about this recipe for a VERY long time. Unfortunately, we let the recipe sit in our inbox far too long and it got buried under spam and porn emails. But this past weekend, Dallas experienced the annual shitting of it’s pants that begins when the first frozen droplet of water hits the ground. This paved the way for this perfect cold weather dish.

Brisket Chili01    Brisket Chili02

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Because of the sub-40’s temperatures all day Sunday, we decided to blow the digital dust off Jay’s email and tackle this chili. Correction: His TWO-years-in-a-row-winner-of-his-office-chili-cook-off chili. He’s pretty proud of that, as he should be. We even teased a picture of us starting the recipe on our Instagram and Jay immediately, liked it, commented on it, and texted a list of new revisions to the recipe. He doesn’t take this chili shit lightly.

Brisket Chili06    Brisket Chili07

Brisket Chili08    Brisket Chili09

These said revisions included more chiles and garlic, maybe less coriander, and the use of Shiner Bock Black Lager. We were too far into the recipe to make the changes, but luckily, great queers think alike and we did use Shiner that we had on hand. Honestly, we don’t know how this recipe could get better… Until we find a way to incorporate some more alcohol into it. Stay tuned.

Brisket Chili10    Brisket Chili12

One last note, you’ll want to set aside a chunk of time for this recipe. Although prep is not astronomically time-consuming, to get the chunks of brisket nice and tender and to really let the flavors develop, this bakes for 4 hours.

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