drunk mushrooms

drunk mushrooms14

If you know us AT ALL, you know that we love the hooch. So when Lost Oak Winery offered to send over some of it’s bottles for us to sample and cook with, we reacted casually, normally and graciously accepted freaked the F*#% out. When someone wants to give you free alcohol to do what you’re already doing for free, you know you have finally MADE IT.

drunk mushrooms06

That’s not to say that this didn’t leave us in a bit of a pickle. There we were, free wine in hand, and we couldn’t JUST drink it. Being obligated to actually make a recipe out of it was not as fun as watching it magically disappear through the straw of a used styrofoam Whataburger cup.

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drunk mushrooms03    drunk mushrooms04

But we did, and came up with this recipe. It only uses ¼ cup of your precious nectar so the rest is ALL YOURS. These mushrooms are the perfect side to any hearty red meat, and would be a great addition to any local barbecue you might find yourself invited to this summer. Or, if you’re like John and no such Evites hit your inbox, I’m sure your cats might try it if you toss in a bit of canned tuna.

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