wine poached salmon

Wine Poached Salmon15

Like Kimmy Gibbler popping in to offer some unsolicited comedic relief, summer is knocking on the door. (If you live in Dallas, like us, it’s here, and then we get what feels like one month of bulking weather, then it’s back again.) Anyway, it’s time to put away the carbs, dust off our self-control we shoved under a mattress and try to eat a little leaner.

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People always tell us, ‘why would YOU need to be on a diet? You already look AMAZING!” Actually, no one says that. Ever, but I’m sure some anorexic somewhere hears it. But the gay struggle, along with equal rights, finding just the right amount of power clashing, and avoiding Indiana, is looking decent next to your hot friends at the pool, beach, shirtless-Deborah Cox-concert, etc…

Wine Poached Salmon06    Wine Poached Salmon07

While our personal trainers prefer we eat boiled chicken breasts seasoned with nothing but a dash of self-hatred, we opted to continue our partnership with Lost Oak Winery and poach this salmon in one of their delicious whites. Considering we’re actively dreaming about various forms of fried chicken, we feel confident in putting this fish in the ‘healthy’ category.

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