maple bourbon carrots

Maple Bourbon Carrots - 8

I’ve have never been huge fans of cooked carrots. But, like all of life’s problems, food or otherwise, I always find sugar and/or hard liquor are an excellent solution. This recipe takes a page from both.

Maple Bourbon Carrots - 1    Maple Bourbon Carrots - 2

Maple Bourbon Carrots - 3    Maple Bourbon Carrots - 4

Sure, they’re supposed to be great for you’re eyesight, but (not to be dramatic) I’d would normally rather be stabbed in the eyes than see these on my dinner plate.

Maple Bourbon Carrots - 5    Maple Bourbon Carrots - 7

Plus, this normally blah vegetable now utilizes another one of my favorite things: fire. Having grown up an aspiring pyromaniac, I love lighting hard liquor on fire almost as much as I like drinking it. Proceed with caution. There’s no point in dazzling your dinner guests if you burn off your bangs in the process.

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