port + cranberry pork chops

Pork Chops Cranberry

It’s that time of year: heart-shaped balloons, roses by the dozen, #relationshipgoals Instagram posts, and other Valentine’s Day traditions obligations. But, if you REALLY want your beloved to love you like Miss Piggy loves her “Kermie,” this pork dish is the key to that sow’s heart. Just don’t compare him/her to a cartoon pig, or your balls will be bluer than Grover.

Pork Chops - 1    Pork Chops - 2

Pork Chops - 4    Pork Chops - 3 (1)

If you’re still with us, this dish is fast, stress-free and pairs with our smashed potatoes for the perfect Valentine’s or weeknight dinner for two. Why spend all night slaving over dinner when you can focus on convincing your partner to do that hot slash weird thing you read about in Outlander.

Pork Chops - 1 (1)

If you’re one of our single readers (like John), just omit the sauce then mince it up really fine to make it cat-friendly.

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