one pan chicken sausage + veggies


One Pan - Plated

While we all love to pretend to be as classy as Ina Garten, flitting around our kitchen making complex meals with pretentious ingredients, it’s also sometimes nice to toss out any f**ks you previously gave, pull out the bottom-shelf olive oil, and embrace our inner Sandra Lee.

One Pan - Ingredients    One Pan - Sausage

One Pan - Red Bell Peppers    One Pan - Spices

If a recipe with more than three steps intimidates you, then this is gonna be your new weeknight jam. This one pan dish has been a part of our meal-prep rotation for the last couple of years, and we can attest it can be completed after multiple glasses bottles of wine.

One Pan - Pre-Baked    One Pan - Steam 2

One Pan - Serving    One Pan - Big Sheet

Also, if you hate being told what to do, disregard our spice measurements and make your own. You can also mix it up by changing out different veggies or types of sausage. Really just ignore this amoeba of a recipe and throw some shit on a pan. Get crazy!

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