pairs well with: Argo + ramos gin fizz

“Argo” is based on the amazing true story of 6 Americans who escaped the U.S. Embassy in Tehran when it was stormed in 1979. They eventually found shelter in the Canadian Ambassador’s home and were trapped there for 77 days. A plan was hatched by CIA Specialist Tony Mendez, played here by Ben Affleck, to get them out by pretending they were a Canadian film crew. Mendez sought the help of Hollywood bigwigs to make his fake movie believable & this is when “Argo” goes from being a historical re-creation to something more like “Ocean’s 11.” Alan Arkin and John Goodman are fantastic as the Hollywood producer & special effects man who help Mendez, and Bryan Cranston proves once again that everything that comes out of his mouth is GOLD. He could say, “would you like curly fries with that?” and win an Emmy for it.

“Argo” starts off with a bang, but it slows to a crawl while we wait for the great escape. The guy behind me even started snoring but Ben Affleck, who also directs, eeks every ounce of drama out of the climax. People in the audience were cheering, including me & sleepy guy, and that’s why I’m giving “Argo” a B+.

Stay through the credits to find out what happened to the escapees later in life. It’s amazing how much each of them looks like the actor who plays them, except Tony Mendez who looks NOTHING like Ben Affleck. In fact, I found Affleck’s good looks distracting in “Argo.” I imagine he stands out anywhere he goes, so it’s hard to believe Ben Affleck would go unnoticed in Iran circa 1980, even with that goofy 70’s hair & beard. OH, and this will be the one and ONLY time you’ll hear me complain about Ben Affleck’s pretty face.

Julie Fisk

WE found this movie highly stressful. Not-crash-dieting-before-Memorial Day weekend stressful, but still pretty intense. The events leading up to the escape and the constant building tension had us biting at our well-manicured nails.


So what’s the best way to unwind after a tense 70’s era film? Well, a 70’s era drink of course!



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