pairs well with: Hitchcock + shepherd’s pie

This movie is called Hitchcock, but it’s really more about Alfred Hitchcock’s wife, Alma Reville, and their relationship during the filming of Psycho. Alma was an unsung hero in Hitchcock’s work, showing up to rewrite scenes and talk him off creative ledges. According to this movie, Psycho was lifeless until Alma recut it and whipped it into shape. Hitchcock fans will appreciate seeing him portrayed as a husband and not the nasty pervert he was in HBO’s movie The Girl. He’s still pervy mind you, just not as creepy.

There’s plenty of talk about Anthony Hopkins getting a Best Actor nomination, but I feel Helen Mirren is more deserving. Her Alma feels real whereas Hopkins’ Hitch is more of a caricature. Big assumptions are made about Hitchcock’s thought process and we never really learn more about the man or his inspirations. This makes Hitchcock feel a bit like a burger without a bun and that’s why I’m giving it a C+.


Thinking of Hitchcock immediately makes us think of how funny the end of his name is the Brits and comfort food. Hence, (see, not only the English know fancy words) we decided to try our take on one of the staples from across the pond: Shepherd’s Pie.



The English should really be commended on this culinary marvel. It’s really basically just a meatloaf and mashed potatoes all streamlined into one dish. Pretty crafty if you ask me…

No one ever does.


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