turkey meatloaf

This is not your mama’s meatloaf. That is, unless your mother formerly went by Frank and now wears a women’s size-12 stiletto and has a kaboodle full of foundation and eye liner.

This recipe began by taking our turkey burger recipe and in a bout of extreme laziness, I just made it a loaf instead of patties and threw it in the oven. Since then, it’s evolved and we’ve added, tweaked and forgotten ingredients until we landed on this particular concoction. And you’ll be damn glad we did.

Although it requires a tiny bit more prep and chop work on the front end, the back end is so effortless. So much I could say here.



And let’s talk about the sauce… We are not cooking cafeteria slop meatloaf here, so we aren’t going to defile it by squirting ketchup all over the top. However, this sauce isn’t much more difficult than that.

Unlike your neighbor Amy’s morning makeup ritual, sometimes simplicity delivers greater rewards.


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