power cookies

power cookies finished

In efforts to be healthy-adjacent and still indulge our sweet tooth (toothes? teeth? Ugh. Whatever!), we decided to try a healthier version of a cookie. 

Now, I’m a huge fan of cookie recipes that revolve around butter, white all-purpose flour and old-fashioned Crisco. But one day, my crazy-healthy, beautifully-fit coworker, Holly, shoved one of these down my throat… literally.

power cookies2    power cookies1

power cookies4    power cookies3

Judging by the list of odd (at least for me) ingredients, I would have trashed this recipe faster than you can say: “hippie nonsense”. But even though I was a huge skeptic that hounded Holly for substitution options, trust me, these are good as is.

power cookies5     power cookies7

They have a great deal of fiber, some protein, are gluten-free and, again, are actually edible delicious. So, enjoy a sweet treat without all that pesky guilt.

PS – Due to the high amount of fiber in these cookies, over a couple of bottles of wine, we came up with some rather questionable alternate titles. Power cookies were almost known as:

-“I Can’t Believe These Are Actually Cookies” Cookies 
-Smooth Move Cookies
-Power Deuce Delights

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