pairs well with: Warm Bodies + spaghetti squash with sage and brown butter

“Warm Bodies” is YET ANOTHER zombie movie, but this one tells the story from the zombie’s point of view, cuz zombies got feelings too, yo.

R is a lonely zombie who meets a girl named Julie one day (while eating her boyfriend) and realizes he has feelings for her. Something about experiencing love causes R and the other zombies to become human again, but try explaining that to the armies of humans bent on destroying them.

It doesn’t seem like a movie about brain-eating could be sweet and funny, but “Warm Bodies” is exactly that. It’s freaking adorable and honestly, the most romantic thing you’ll see in theaters this Valentine’s Day. That’s why I’m giving “Warm Bodies” a B+.  It’s also got an awesome flashback soundtrack, featuring acts like Guns & Roses and John Waitte. Yeah, you thought you NEVER wanted to hear the Scorpions again… and you were right, but it still works here.


spaghetti squash

We kind of agree with Julie that zombies are so 2012. But along with warming our hearts in an odd zombie rom-com, zombies are totally about the brains. While we feel like we are becoming more adventurous, skilled cooks, brain is one area we aren’t confident enough to tackle. So, we bring you a lookalike: spaghetti squash.

spaghetti squash1    spaghetti squash2

spaghetti squash3    spaghetti squash5

This easy weeknight side is super simple and takes a delicious, healthy vegetable and makes it much more decadent with butter. And A LOT of it. And while hollowing out the spaghetti squash, you can pretend your a brain-hungry zombie that just wants to be understood and loved.

spaghetti squash6

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