pairs well with: Oz the Great & Powerful + salted caramel monkey bread

“Oz the Great & Powerful” stars James Franco as a carnival magician who catches a tornado ride over the rainbow. It’s a prequel to the iconic “Wizard of Oz” and explains how Oz actually ended up in Oz.

The first 15 minutes of the movie are awesome, and you get all excited thinking, “Oh WOW! They made another great Oz movie!” Then you spend the next 2 hours realizing just how wrong you were. Once Oz lands in Oz, the movie is riddled with shallow acting, miscasting and pointless special effects.

I know! How disappointing!

Even more frustrating is the Wicked Witch who is NOT SCARY AT ALL! I don’t want to give away her identity because her big reveal is part of the fun, but if Oz doesn’t have a scary witch, what does it have? Sadly not much, which is why I’m giving “Oz the Great & Powerful” a C.

You should still go see if you were a fan of the ORIGINAL, just to see the opening sequence and to see Zach Braff play an adorable talking monkey. It’s also worth the ticket price to watch the witches STRUGGLE to keep their boobies inside their witch dresses. There has to be a nip-slip in there SOMEWHERE.


salted caramel monkey bread pairs well with

Whether they loved or hated the movie, Julie and other reviewers agree that Braff’s talking monkey is a true scene stealer in Oz, and everyone knows about the Wicked Witch’s army of evil flying monkeys. So, we thought it would be cute to revamp the traditional monkey bread with enough sugar to make you feel like you were flying. SHOOP!

salted caramel monkey bread ingrediets    salted caramel monkey bread sauce

salted caramel monkey bread dough    salted caramel monkey bread in pan

We made our dough from scratch instead of Pillsbury biscuits that are TERRIFYING to open (because you never know when that canister is gonna explode in your hands making you look like a cautionary tale about M-80s). So, for the safety of your eyes, face and fingers we strongly suggest you take the time to make this homemade dough. It’s lightly sweet, buttery goodness elevates this dish and makes you wanna buy a T-shirt that says ‘GET IN MY MOUTH!’

salted caramel monkey bread finished

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