brisket and gouda quesadillas + honey-bourbon barbecue sauce

brisket quesadillas plated

Our Friday nights almost always involve dinner with friends. By “dinner” we mean a half dozen margaritas interspersed with some food, and by “friends” we mean more margaritas.

brisket quesadillas ingredients 2    brisket quesadillas grilled onions

brisket quesadillas assembly    brisket quesadillas grilling

If and when we are forced to take slight, brain-freeze induced hiatuses from pounding frozen drinks, we like to warm our hands up with brisket tacos. Since we recently banged out a killer taco recipe, we decided to make quesadillas.

brisket quesadillas ingredients    brisket quesadillas meat

brisket quesadillas brisket    brisket quesadillas slicing

Now, these quesadillas are delicious as they are, but if you think for a second you can skip the sauce, you can shut your stupid mouth. This sauce is amazing.

brisket quesadillas chopping    brisket quesadillas sauce ingredients

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