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“42” stars Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson when he became the first African American to play in the Major Leagues.

Director Brian Helgeland supposedly didn’t want Harrison Ford to play Branch Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers GM who signed Jackie Robinson. Ford convinced the director that he was the right man by memorizing Rickey’s mannerisms and then acting out key scenes for him. That’s why it KILLS me to say that Harrison Ford RUINS this movie.

He never settles into the role and O.M.G. those EYEBROWS! If this movie was in 3D, it would be called “Attack of Han Solo’s Brows.” Chadwick Boseman is great as Robinson and there are some scene-stealing moments from John McGinley and Christopher Meloni, who might be the sexiest bald man alive. Discuss amongst yourselves. We also meet a whole host of gorgeous new actors, but they play such hateful, bigoted baseball players they’re impossible to LIKE.

Jackie Robinson’s signing by the Brooklyn Dodgers and eventual acceptance by Major League Baseball fans was a huge moment in this country. It deserves an Oscar caliber film but instead it’s uncomfortable and shallow. There are some moments that transcend the schlock, but I ultimately have to give “42” a C.

Sorry, I really wanted to see a Harrison Ford comeback too.


42 corn dogs finished

When I think about baseball, I immediately think about tight pants and sports cups hot dogs. Between our spiral cut hot dogs, fancy-ass pigs in a blanket, and now these litte corny dogs, I know what you’re thinking: ‘These queens can’t get enough wiener!’ True.

Teeny Weenie Corn Dogs Ingredients    Teeny Weenie Corn Dogs skewers

Teeny Weenie Corn Dogs Battering    Teeny Weenie Corn Dogs frying

But we aren’t all phallic references and cheap hot dog jokes here. We sweetened up the batter for these little bites just a bit. With the sweet breading and little wieners, we “compensate” with a mustard sauce that comes with a bit of a kick. Also, any hot dog will do, but our favorite is Hebrew National. 

Teeny Weenie Corn Dogs Dipping


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