black olive turkey meatballs

turkey herb meatballs finished

We gays love a lot of things: attention, gossip, wigs, synchronized choreography, reality tv, ponytails… the list goes on and on. But two things that rank high on that list is high-protein, low-fat meats like ground turkey… and balls. Honestly, how we haven’t had some sort of meat and/or ball recipe yet is absolutely inexcusable.

turkey herb meatball ingredients    turkey herb meatballs rolled

In the same vein as our turkey meatloaf, this meat mixture is amazeballs. See what we did there? We’ve tossed in a few more herbs and ingredients to whomp up the texture and flavor. These will quickly rise to the top of your “best balls I ever tasted” list in no time at all. Well, we’ll accept second best…

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