smoked cheddar apple pie

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The idea for this recipe was brought to our attention at the end of an extremely drunken night on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. We were in town to attend our first ever gay wedding, which means we got Big Easy wasted… AND wedding reception wasted… AND plain ol’ gay wasted. As you can imagine, the night quickly devolved.

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One of those nights where the only thing that’s stopping you from laying down in the street using a wadded up newspaper as a pillow is the promise of any and every decadent, gluttonous food you can get your hands on at 4 in the morning.

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Earlier in the part of the evening that we actually remember, our friends from Easy Slider Truck had mentioned that they were wanting to try this concoction in a smoker. It commandeered our slurred conversations well into the wee hours of the morning. So, as we skipped stumbled towards Krystal Burger, hopping over hobos and dodging what looked to be regurgitated Hurricane’s, we decided to try it as soon as we had a chance.

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Cut to 7 months later… Turns out we make a lot of plans while drinking that don’t quickly come to fruition. This (and a maple whiskey pecan pie that we’ll post just in time for Thanksgiving) got tested out last weekend on the smoker, and we are so glad we finally got around to it! The smoke gives this pie a delicious flavor that’s hard to place even when it’s getting shoveled directly into your mouth.


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