marcie’s pie crust

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There’s nothing more elusive than the perfect pie crust recipe. They all claim simplicity. They all seem doable and promise delicious, buttery and flaky results, but more often then not, you’re left with a soggy center, burnt edges and a kitchen that looks like Lindsay Lohan partied up all over your counter tops.

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Here’s a recipe that delivers on those promises and comes together so easily. No, those dainty hands in the pictures preparing the pie crust are NOT John’s… his are MUCH daintier. They actually belong to our friend and recent guest in the queer in the kitchen kitchen, Marcie.

She and her adorable two children came over to school us in crust-making. The adults (and John) kicked back Bloody Marys while making delicious pies with Marcie’s signature crust recipe as the kids (and John) played in what they thought was a box of sand and in reality was a litter box. Kyle’s house has a way to go in the area of childproofing.

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We’ll be posting the pie recipes we tested just in time for Turkey Day. In the meantime, try Marcie’s crust with these tried and true pie recipes: jarred’s buttermilk pie and cranberry apple pie.

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