creamy twice-baked potatoes

twice baked potatoes9

We don’t know what carb-loving, butter seduced groundhog saw its own muffin top, but we are thankful, because it appears that FATember has come early this year! Usually, we devote this time of year to double-down on our workouts and begin our lettuce diets in preparation for sexy, shirtless gay Halloween. This year, we’re ditching our attempts at a costume that’s even remotely sexy and going the comedy angle instead. Thank the baby Jesus!

twice baked potatoes1    twice baked potatoes2

twice baked potatoes6    twice baked potatoes7

The last two years at one of our favorite events, Halloween New Orleans, we’ve stripped down to show the fruity fruits of our labor. Now, we can’t exactly divulge what this year’s spectacle will be, but we can say that Spanx will definitely be involved because we have been binge-eating  to the fullest.

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So, while there isn’t anything ground-breaking about twice-baked potatoes, like our waistlines and disappearing abs, we don’t care. The creamy, buttery goodness of these delicious spuds remind us of fancy steak dinners and make the fat girls inside us do obnoxious happy dances.

twice baked potatoes8

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