introducing: just the tip – STRAWberry huller

If you don’t already know, we aren’t actually trained chefs, and by now you’ve probably realized we LOVE a shortcut. If there’s a way to simplify the cooking process and shorten the length of time till we get to sit and drink, without sacrificing the flavor of a dish… you better believe we’ll try it!

Nowadays, there are so many specialized gadgets on the market that have very specific jobs. And no, we are not referring to the Rabbit, you perverts. While these are great, most of us don’t have unlimited drawer space for our mango pitters, egg slicers, garlic peelers and Slap-Chops.

In this series we are going to show you the quickest, most efficient way to do things in your kitchen without having to invest in 76 different tools. Like our gay garlic shake, most of the tips you’ll see will involve normal, everyday kitchen tools, and none will require batteries. So keep those in your nightstand.

strawberry trick

For our first just the tip post, we are doing a plain and simple trick. It’s an easy way to get those pesky stems off of strawberry without sacrificing much of the juicy meat. Too many jokes. 

Anyway, if you’re anything like us, your paring knife patience runs low and you resort to just chopping the tops completely off of the strawberries. Or, if you’re at a party and there’s a nice fruit tray with stem-on strawberries, you try to find discrete places to discard your gnawed on stems (e.g. – potted plants, litter boxes, or hideous over-sized handbags lying around).

Simply use a regular drinking straw and insert through the bottom and push up. The stem simply pops off! If you’re doing a lot of strawberries, you may need to trim your straw or use a new one because the tip dulls and pushing the straw through the strawberry becomes harder.

strawberry trick 2


If you have any little tricks or tips up your flowing sleeves, please email them or submit them in the comments. We’d love to try them out!

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