pear + bacon stuffed pork tenderloin

stuffed pork tenderloin plated (1)

We just can’t get enough of pork tenderloin. It is delicious, easy to prepare, and we basically just wanted another recipe that would let us use our ‘pork tenderloin looks like a giant penis’ humor.

stuffed pork tenderloin ingredients    stuffed pork tenderloin meat

stuffed pork tenderloin pounding    stuffed pork tenderloin vegetables

This is a gussied and tied up (literally) version of our simple herb crusted pork tenderloin. We kick it up a notch with the sweet pears that makes this slightly pornographic cut of meat very, VERY rich.

stuffed pork tenderloin bacon    stuffed pork tenderloin filling

stuffed pork tenderloin tied    stuffed pork tenderloin seard again

There really isn’t anything to not love about this dish. I mean, pork stuffed with more pork? Too easy… But yeah, on the serious, this dish will knock your toe-socks off. You should probably pair it with something best described as “bland.” Such as a simple potato dish, bread, or that middle child that, let’s face it, isn’t your favorite.

    stuffed pork tenderloin medallions

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