bacon + tomato pie

bacon pies finished

Yes… No need to adjust your classy monocle, you read that correctly: “Bacon. Pie.” How this hasn’t happened sooner on this blog is a real travesty. Our bad. This one’s on us, guys. 

bacon pies ingredients    bacon pies bacon

bacon pies onions    bacon pies crust

If you even mildly follow our posts, you know that one: John is too gay to function and two: we love bacon. We love bacon so much, John even got a tattoo to show his true, undying devotion to all things pork.


Whether it’s appetizers, desserts, main courses, sides, fronts, backs, we take our bacon wherever we can get it. This dish could probably play a role as any of those courses.

bacon pies bacon pie    bacon pies green onions

Editor’s note: the healthy version of this is sitting alone in the dark and eating plain celery hating your life that you’re not eating this pie. Gurl, bye. 


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