turkey enchiladas

turkey enchiladas plated

Just like our slimmed-down Mexican lasagna, we’ve taken a traditionally unhealthy and indulgent dish, and made it guilt-free and still really F’in tasty. The only not completely ‘healthy’ ingredient is the cheese, and let’s be honest, if you don’t eat cheese, you might be on the wrong website…

turkey enchiladas ingredients    turkey enchiladas meat

turkey enchiladas wrapping    turkey enchiladas sauce

This recipe stems from some turkey enchiladas that are sometimes carried at Whole Foods. I say “sometimes”, because while they’re ridiculously delicious, finding these enchiladas seem to be the equivalent of catching a leprechaun. From what I can tell, they make these every 17th Tuesday and on non-religious bank holidays that fall on Thursdays… during the Winter Solstice.

turkey enchiladas green onions    turkey enchiladas casserole

After the sixty-fifth or so time they weren’t in stock, and after pulling my shit back together after my tantrum in front of the salad bar, I decided to attempt to replicate these tasty F’ers myself. Turns out, it’s actually a pretty simple and straightforward recipe that comes together quickly and delivers delicious leftovers for several days.

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