lemongrass turkey sliders

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It’s officially, legitimately summer! The time of year for poolside drinking, appropriate tank top weather, no school zones, and grilling! This post kicks off a month of recipes best concocted outside, by a grill, drinking a mimosa… Or for our one straight male reader, you can have a beer.

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Like Peter Dinklage, there’s something extremely adorable about all things tiny. In fact, we’ll eat just about anything in ‘mini’ form. Well actually, some things we prefer to be on the opposite end of that spectrum… but anyway, back to burgers. We love mini foods such as these because we can feel justified in eating 2 to 3 times more of these sliders than we would one normal-sized burger. While we still shout from the rooftops to anyone who will listen that bigger is ALWAYS better, these little patties (and rug burns) are the exception.

lemongrass turkey sliders sauce    lemongrass turkey sliders off the grill

With a bánh mì-inspired sauce and serrano peppers in the meat mixture, these small packages promise big flavor. Also, something about the lettuce delivery system TOTALLY justifies the eight three or four we inhaled during the ‘quality control’ testing of this recipe.

lemongrass turkey sliders pouring sauce

While you’re making these, don’t forget to check out our other grilling throuple from last summer: beef sliders three ways.

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