shrimp + mint egg rolls with spicy mustard dipping sauce

shrimp mint eggrolls14

There’s a brisk chill in the air, which to some may signify the countdown to holidays filled with cheer, but to us, it says we don’t have to be shirtless for MONTHS!

shrimp mint eggrolls01    shrimp mint eggrolls02

shrimp mint eggrolls05    shrimp mint eggrolls03

So ladies, dust off those deep-fryers! There’s definitely something therapeutic about watching something ordinary bubble up into a heavenly decadent morsel in a vat of 350 degree grease.

shrimp mint eggrolls06    shrimp mint eggrolls08

shrimp mint eggrolls09    shrimp mint eggrolls10

These aren’t too different from a preparation standpoint from our previous egg roll post, but the flavor in these are vastly different. This is the recipe to make for someone who says they “hate” shrimp, then after they eat it and love it, tell them it’s chocked FULL of the little buggers.

Unless said person is allergic to shellfish. Because they’ll die.

shrimp mint eggrolls11    shrimp mint eggrolls04

These can be made up to a day before serving and rewarmed in 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. But are way better dripping with oil, straight out of the pot.

shrimp mint eggrolls13



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