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Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 16

We love our classic turkey meatloaf recipe. It was actually one of our original posts three years ago, and since then, we have made it about 23,135 times. So, we finally decided to spice up an old favorite, literally.

Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 1    Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 2

Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 3    Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 4

If writing this blog for three years has taught us anything, it is: 1. Bacon makes every recipe better.  2. After handling chipotle chiles, do NOT touch your eyes or ANY of your other various thin-skinned areas. Learning that second one definitely wasn’t as fun as learning the first…

Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 6    Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 7

Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 9     Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 12

We also learned that adding the ground turkey to the bacon in the food processor makes the finished loaf have a wonderful texture and is well worth the extra appliance cleaning. Even if the fact that the stuff coming out of the food processor looks like a terrible accident happened at a Play-Doh Factory.

Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 10    Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 11

Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 14     Turkey Chipotle Meatloaf - 15

Feel free to add more or less of the chipotle sauce depending on your desired level of heat, but seriously, don’t use your chipotle handling digits for anything for at least 36 hours. This makes a tasty and easy weeknight meal, but it makes so much and reheats so nicely as leftovers, we usually use this for a healthy meal-prep option for the week.

Even though this would be SO much easier…


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