loaded baked potato salad

loaded mashed potatoes finished

There are few simple pleasures in life that compare to barbecue food. It is always delicious, almost always carb-centric and usually served (and eaten) in giant, heaping spoonfuls. Case in point, potato salad MUST be served. It’s downright unAmerican to not serve it. In fact, if you ever go to a barbecue that doesn’t, you should probably report that flag-burning host to that ginger girl in Zero Dark Thirty.
loaded baked potato salad

This particular recipe is crazy-easy and is perfect because it incorporates all the delicious ingredients of a loaded baked potato but saves your guests the time of individually dressing each one. And is a whole lot faster to eat. In fact, the time I save not bothering with stuffing individual baked potatoes I use for more necessary endeavors… like shopping for Man-Spanx on Amazon.

These potatoes are particularly awesome with our barbecued ribszesty beef brisket, or turkey burgers.

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