pairs well with: Iron Man 3 + steakhouse steaks

“Iron Man 3’ stars Robert Downey Jr. as the billionaire super-hero who is forced to battle a new dangerous foe. 

Director Shane Black gained fame in the late 80’s for writing all of the Lethal Weapon movies, so the man definitely has a flair for writing funny action flicks. He also directed Robert Downey Jr. in the awesome “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” so he already has a keen sense of his style. Pair Black and RDJ with a character like Iron Man, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

How you feel about “Iron Man 3” though will all depend on how you feel about Downey’s version of Tony Stark. Almost every frame features him quipping, mugging, and swaggering. If you find that annoying, then prepare to be wildly annoyed. If you LOVE him and list Iron Man as your favorite Avenger, then you will be in a two hour Tony Stark wet dream.

They go overboard with the special effects, and the big showdown at the end goes on WAY too long. I was thinking “kill the guy, already!” Also, the 3D effects are essentially nonexistent. So spend that extra cash on snacks instead of the glasses. That only brings my score down to an A- because I, for one, LOVE Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. As far as I’m concerned, Iron Man could only be improved if Thor showed up and wrestled him in running shorts.


pairs well with iron man 3

We loved this movie too. John loved the movie so much, he saw it twice… both times alone. His 11th cat arrives next week.

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The very first thing that came to mind upon hearing about “Iron Man 3” was Robert Downey Jr.’s raw, sexual, bad-boy magnetism. But the second thing came to mind was one of our favorite meals: steakhouse steaks. This particular recipe requires a cast IRON skillet. See what we did there?! 

This recipe was adapted from our Ina Garten and was previously featured in our Valentine/Anna Howard Shaw Day’s post dinner for two.

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