fan fare: jeff’s green chile corn

chile corn finished 2

If there’s anything we love more than corn, it’s the inappropriate and immature jokes about what happens when you eat a lot of corn! However, unlike such tasteless jokes, this side is full of flavor… and it doesn’t ruin a good dinner.

chile corn ingredients    chile corn corn

chile corn chopping    chile corn mixed

This refreshing dish with just a little kick from the green chiles will spice up any meal. So, serve it up, pop open a bottle of wine, and keep your potty jokes to yourself. If you’re anything like John, limit your wine intake or the jokes will definitely come out and send your dinner guests running for the door.

chile corn finished

This is our first fan fare post. This came from our friend, Jeff. Who is a fellow Southern gay that knows her way around the kitchen. Jeff even owns an orchard that inspired us to make Kyle’s Aunt Lena’s apple butter! Expect to see more from Jeff in the future!

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