smoked maple whiskey pecan pie + drunken whipped cream

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Holy Hell. Every year I dream about and pine for the opportunity to devour the sickeningly sweet nectar of Gods that is pecan pie. I usually only partake in this once a year due to being a person of little no restraint. Annually, on Thanksgiving, I make myself miserably ill by “big-girl” bingeing on all the horrible, unhealthy deliciousness that resides in this gooey dessert.

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Previously, if you had told me there was a way to make pecan pie any better, I would’ve karate chopped you in the throat for talking such foolishness. However, my eyes have been opened, and it can be done. We told you about our smoked apple cheddar pie a couple weeks back, and this little beauty of a recipe was one of the fruits of that day as well.

Do not forget the drunken whipped cream. DON’T DO IT!

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